Capitalism is a bullet

That everyone tries to dodge.

The poor dodge homelessness and hunger.

The middle-class dodge being poor.

Even the wealthiest among us are dodging something,

And that is the spector of rebellion.

I know that sounds sensational

But that is by design.

Any historian can tell you how it happened before and it could happen again.

Yes the 1% know it well.

That’s why they build bunkers and space ships to escape.

That’s why they pit us against each other: Black, white, brown, Native, straight, gay, cis, trans, Asian, Muslim, Christian, Jew.

That’s why they fight unions tooth and nail, and make “Socialism” a dirty word.

Give us an inch and we’ll take back the miles that they’ve taken for themselves.

They know it’s possible, but they don’t want us to know.

Revolt? Revolution? Socialism?

They laugh derisively.

Those are things of the past!

Things from other countries.

Things that don’t happen in the Land of the Free!

But they can’t control their greedy hands.

And the more they draw the wealth into themselves,

The more they draw back the curtain

That blinds us to how wrong they are.

And the closer they get to that bullet

They are trying to dodge.




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Tara Loughran

Tara Loughran

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