Pub Talk

  • Will I feel less alone in Ireland than I do in the United States, once I give myself time to settle in?
  • Will I feel like I have the right to be here in a way that I don’t in the States?
  • Can I find a connection with my spiritual calling here, in the landscape of my pagan ancestors? One that eludes me back home.
  • Can I figure out how to incorporate these questions into an academic thesis that has the potential to help other people as well as myself?
  • Can I stop feeling so lost?
  • There is the psychological theory that people are shaped as adults by events in their childhoods.
  • There is the theory of somatic healing — that trauma is held as energy in the body and must be metabolized and processed through the body in order to release or heal it.
  • The understanding of the nervous system and how it becomes activated.
  • There is the theory of post-traumatic stress and how trauma affects the amygdala and bypasses the cerebral cortex, leaving us unable to consciously control our response to trauma or the reminder of it.
  • There is the understanding of ancestry and culture as a form of strength, of resilience.
  • I need something that explains the transfer from the macro to the micro and back again. From the institution or catastrophe to the individual.
  • Is there a theory that takes psychological understandings of the individual and allows for the transference of it to groups of individuals — to societies? Isn’t that sociology?




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Tara Loughran

Tara Loughran

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